Carbonfools Concert Nagyvárad (Oradea) @Moszkva Kávézó


Hurezan family waiting for the baby

Hurezan family - Maternity photography 1

Hurezan family - Maternity photography 2

Hurezan family - Maternity photography 3

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Apuseni Nature Park: Glavoi and Rachitele

I will let the photos speak for themselves 🙂

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Poveştile Oradiei de odinioară: Atelier Culinar by Beta Events &

We took part of a cultural and culinary event this saturday at Lederer and Kalman Mill from Oradea. The event was organized by Beta Events & There will be more events like this very soon. Till then follow them on facebook. Don’t miss the events. It was awesome. Thanks for the invitation and congrats Bogdan & Geta! Keep up the good work!

And check out the photos made by Fehephotography alias Blaskó Szabolcs

Portrait photo session

Not an ordinary day